You believe me?
I never stopped.


Current life vibes

#that stunned look is the same one he might have had watching her walk down the aisle #but in all fairness #it probably happens in random moments too #the simple times #when she’s shimmying into a pair of jeans #or pouring him a glass of wine #or asleep on the couch after a long day #and he freezes #overwhelmed by his love for her #and the knowledge that she loves him back (via rewritetheending)


i used to think blogging was writing pages of what you have been doing and plans for the future and thoughts you have and to upload photos of your travels or your friends but here we are as bloggers and all the information that is on my page is 1+1=banana


hello 911 my sock is falling down inside my shoe 


Fuck Yes, Always Hiatus challenge 4

↳ Touch


Stana Katic x Luke Reichle

@redcarpetluke Everyone pays obecience to @Stana_Katic in #Pocahontas every drag.”

#teenagemodernpoetry [X]



Castle Screencap Meme: One quote from the show [1/1]

inspired by x

Orange is the New Black + Inmates